Abridged Biography
Ezekiel Olawale Adisa was born on 12 August in 1939 to Samuel and Mary Ogunyemi in Igbajo....
Biography By Martin Banham
Wale Ogunyemi, was a major figure in Nigerian theatre: a charismatic actor for film and television, a prolific playwright
The Making of a Dramatist
Wale Ogunyemi belongs to a family where tradition is held in high esteem. His great grandmother was the Iyalode,

Wale Ogunyemi Memorial theatre is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the great wale Ogunyemi to carry on his legacy by utilizing the performing arts to make the Nigerian community a more conscious and compassionate one and by bringing enjoyable theatrical experience of the highest quality and standard from all over the world to our community at consistent intervals throughout the year.

Our intent is to inspire, nurture, challenge, educate, enrich, empower and entertain our community by providing superior theatre experience.

We are committed to help develop original theatre artists from all over the world, but especially in Nigeria, and those whose work is experimental in form and/or challenging in content.

We shall also be organizing symposia, workshops and seminars from time to time to help sensitize local theatre artists to global benchmark and international best practices as far as the theory and practice of theatre is concerned.
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